Work out with Anita - Thursday

The modern way of working out, where high intensity sequences follow one another.

We offer energetic and dynamic training programs, which are suitable for the preservation of our health, endurance, as well as an effective fat burner and muscle strengthener, perfect for reshaping your body.

Come and experience these various training methods, which aside from their positive physiological effects will burn your undesirable fat while you party to the latest musical hits!


Work out with Andi - Thursday

Each class starts with a warm up session followed by the traditional Pilates, and exercises that increase spinal strength, as well as the whole body especially back, abdomen and butt.

Each class ends with a series of stretches.

The systematic use of Pilates’ exercises can help eliminate pain in the back and lower back areas, refresh your body and spirit and contribute to efficient figure shaping.

Super body, Fit ball, and fitness – strength


Super body

Fat burner - To achieve the perfect body, the purpose of the first part of the lesson is burning excess fat, through dynamic and diverse exercises. Body toning - the rest of the class is spent by thoroughly exercising all muscles in the body with the use of body shaping exercises.

We efficiently combine fat burning and body toning exercises within the hour of the class, paying special attention to problem areas, such as the abdomen, thighs, butt and the important muscles surrounding the spinal cord.

Most of the lesson is composed of standing up, dynamic exercises, until the last 15 minutes when the strengthening exercises take place, lying on a mat.

We welcome both beginner and more experienced customers!

Fit-ball fitness – body toning

By using giant fitness balls, we provide great body shaping exercises, which thanks to the bounciness of the balls leads to intensive cardio-fitness trainings.

Perfect work out for people with a sensitive spine or joints (ankle, knee etc), as well as overweight participants.

Greatly recommended for those who enjoy a fun, playful atmosphere for their trainings.



Fitness – strengthening

Less dynamic alternating sections covering every part of the body, using high reps, with different equipment (weights, balls etc), avoiding jumping cardio and choreography.

Effect: burning fat between muscle fibers, resulting in slimming and the enhancement of muscle tone.

We recommend this to those who wish avoid an increased heart rate, and for those who are not fans of dynamic lessons, yet who wish to achieve a proportional, fit physique.

Figure shaping, extra burning

Work out with Zsuzsi - Tuesday and Saturday

Figure shaping class

To create the beautiful toned body, designed for every body part but mainly the critical zones (abs, thighs, butt). Carefully planned training with high repetition, using different equipment (dumbbells, fit-ball, belt, etc). The purpose is to burn fat between the muscle fibers, which increase tone intensity. Recommended for beginners and those who are more advanced, no age limit!

Extra burning

Dynamical exercises accompanied by good music to strengthen the body and burn fat. This work out increases your endurance, performance, and fitness. For a full body shaping, the class is composed of both cardio exercises and muscle training, with the use of different equipment (dumb bells, step etc).

If you would like to gain muscle and lose weight at the same time, this is the class for you!