Cardio training is an important part of overall fitness, as the increased muscle requires a higher working capacity from the heart and the circulatory system. An excess of weight can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, circulatory problems and many others. Cardio training can be both entertaining as well as great for your health.

cycling machines

Indoor bicycles are mainly used to improve the heart and circulatory system as well as increase endurance, fat burning, and prepare contestants for a variety of races. Different levels can be found on the machines, which each individual can set according to their strength.

It is somewhat harder to increase heart rate on an indoor bicycle than on a running machine or step, which is why it’s the perfect way to start for those that, are overweight and/or have joint problems.

If you cannot increase your heart rate to the point you want while cycling, you can always increase the level of your work out with the addition weights: while cycling do 12 arm exercises (pushing the weights up from your ears) and also 12 to the sides.

This increases your heart rate immediately. The higher the arms work above compared to the heart, the harder the blood is pumped upwards, while developing great arm and shoulder muscles!

The step machines are perfect for thigh and hip muscles, also a great aerobic work out. Cycling, and running steps in nature is just as effective bringing more alternative options for workouts!


Cross trainer is a mix between indoor cycling and step, which also moves the arms and develops arm muscles. The use of this machine improves posture, and proves body sculpting to be more effective. Cardio improves the heart, blood circulation, respiratory system and the success of the metabolism.

If you wish to lose weight, its best to start with a 10-30 minute cardio on the different machines. Its normal if at first you can’t keep your breathing under control, or are short of breath, doing less but more often is better than nothing and can still be just as effective. The 10-30 minutes can also be completed in intervals!

Nutrition analysis and diet composition:

Based on a survey and the previous information you provided, we analyze your diet, make some suggestions as how to improve it, and put together a personal diet plan with certain recipes that will help you achieve your goals and become healthy.

Personal training plans:

Plans developed based on your body, fitness level, goals and lifestyle. After a detailed discussion and assessment, the client uses a plan provided by a professional coach.

Personal trainer:

Helps you achieve a healthy life style and fitness to go with it:

  • To set realistic goals and achieve them
  • To work out with the right intensity and regularity
  • To pass the deadlock stage (with losing weight or gaining mass)
  • To track your improvement even on a weekly basis with a computer analysis
  • To have a personalized fitness plan