Golden Life Club Policy

The purpose of this policy is to communicate the behavior expected from all our members, and the basic rules that ensure the high standards of civilized conduct.

Basic Rules

1. On the Golden Life Club property, it is forbidden to:

  • Consume alcohol and cigarets
  • Conduct any activity which falls outside the Golden Life Club service activities, violate the law or offend public morals
  • Conduct any activity which produces a noise, odor, or other environmental nuisance distracting others.

2. All guests on club area are required to comply with the basic requirements of order, cleanliness and respected civilized behavior.

3. Golden Life Club management is not liable to any damage, personal or property values, caused from disrespecting the club policy and or irresponsible behavior. Furthermore, it assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen object if they were not placed in the safe provided.

4. All exercises, services, must be performed at guests’ own risk and responsibility.

5. The Golden Life Club sports facilities and catering service is available only within the complex opening hours (unless management has provided adequate authorization in advance, and this conduct does not violate any laws).

Monday – Friday: 06:00 – 22:00
Saturday: 08:00 – 20:00

Club members are required to comply with the facility’s closing time, and leave the compound accordingly.

Special Rules

6. Entrance to the sport facilities can be only done so in accordance to the sports activities, with clean adequate equipment.

7. The use of sports facilities should be avoided when using a mobile phone.

8. The use of closed shoes is required on all areas of the Golden Life Club.

9. Entrance to the Golden Life Club can only be done so with a valid daily or monthly pass.

10. At first entrance to the Club, all guests must fill out a sign-in form at the reception.

11. The Club provides changing rooms separated by gender, supplied with individual lockers.

12. All equipment provided to the guests (locker key, towel, sports equipment etc) must be returned to the receptionist, who can ensure all consumptions have been paid.

13. Payment for the use of the sports facilities must be done in advance, once the guest has entered the Club.

Changing rooms, sauna lobby and sauna

14. The use of flip flops is obligatory in the changing rooms, showers and sauna lobby.

15. The Golden Life Club management does not take responsibility for any personal belongings left in the changing rooms or other areas of the facility. All valuables should be put in a safe next to the reception.

16. The saunas can only be used in the appropriate clothing (bathing suit and sauna towel).

17. The essential oils provided in the sauna must only be used with moderation, in consideration of others.

18. It is prohibited to step on the sauna bench in flip flops.

19. The lockers must be left clean, without any garbage.

20. If there are any noticeable problems concerning water pipes, the guests must communicate this to the receptionist, for a fast elimination of the problem.

Fitness room

21. Guests can only enter the fitness and aerobic facilities in the appropriate, clean clothing (sports shoes, singlet, t-shirt, sports pants). It is prohibited to work out in sandals, flip flops or barefoot. The use of outside shoes is not permitted! The Golden Life Club staff have the right to bring the appropriate use of sports clothing up to the guests attention.

22. We do not hold aerobics/group classes if less than 3 people attend.

23. Fitness machines must be used according to the Clubs approval, matched to each individuals strength and physique, at their own risk.

24. After the use of the fitness machines, all equipment must be put back to its original place, setting.

25. With certain equipment, the use of a towel is recommended.

26. Equipment usage is controlled and aided by the Club coaches.

We wish all our guests an enjoyable relaxation, and a good work out!
Golden Life Club