Finnish Sauna

Those who use saunas often tend to realize that with only a little, they regenerate fast, feel more relaxed and rested, their skin heals and they feel more balanced physically as well as mentally. Their level of energy increases, and as the toxic waste is excreted from the body, a mental detoxification begins as well, thanks to which it is easier to fix psychological problems too.

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Using saunas brings together the natural elements, such as water, cold and hot air, often including the change in temperature, from the hot inside to the ice cold outside.

In the classical Finnish sauna, it is 80-90C on the top bench, 60-70C in the middle and 40-60C on the bottom bench. In the sauna cabin the air is around 80-95C. Once we enter, a heat exchange starts developing between our body and the hot air inside. To keep the body’s temperature, the brain expands the limbs and the blood vessels of the skin.

Thanks to the high thermal conductivity of the blood, the body gives off heat through the blood stream and lets out this heat. To cool down the skin, the body starts sweating. For this to occur the air in the saunas must be dry, as in high humidity the body doesn’t sweat as well. Around the end of the sweating period, water must be poured onto the stones, which then is converted into a steam raising the humidity in the room.

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Our customers can choose from different essential oils according to their taste, to increase the efficiency of the saunas. A cooling down period, the second part of using a sauna follows this. Once you have left the cabin and reach fresh air, the airways cool down, however the air is not a good thermal conductor and is not enough for the cooling down process.

The body gives off 20x more heat in water, due to which, a shower is the best method to bring the body temperature back to normal.

Light therapy

Light therapy in the infra cabin
fényterápiás infraszauna

The sun governs people’s lives, in the cycle of the seasons and the change of days to nights. Unfortunately in our modern day world we are mainly stuck inside, surrounded by artificial light.

Due to the damage in the ozone layer, it is not recommended to stay long in the sun (due to the UV rays), thus leaving us without natural light, which is vital to our health. Due to lack of sunlight the body can experience abnormalities. The levels of melatonin found in the blood increase, causing depression, lethargy and trigger an intense desire for carbohydrates.

Light urges the pineal gland to decrease its melatonin production. Research proves that different lights and colors are now essential in medicine and will become the treatment of the future.

The medical effects of the colors:


  • Associated with heat
  • Increases heart rate, strengthens the blood circulation, causes a rise in adrenaline production
  • Ideal color for those suffering from iron deficiency and anemia


  • The color of happiness, stimulates freedom and movement
  • Through its vitality, it is able to make changes in our biochemical structure which dispels depression
  • It radiates warmth and enthusiasm


  • The color of life
  • As the primary color of nature, green stimulates a feeling of fullness, and completion, soothes the blood and the nerves
  • As the color of balance, it helps the subconscious and the mind to peace and has beneficial effects on heart problems
  • Also has a good effect against fatigue


  • The perfect color for places to relax as it stimulates a feeling of peace and relaxation
  • It is also the color of spaciousness (in nature, this color is presented to us through the infinity of the sky)


  • Has the shortest rays and most energy
  • An anti-inflammatory, sooths the soul and enhances the memory
  • Has the ability to teach acceptance and dignity

Infrared deep heat therapy is healthy

The infra-radiation ensures ....
Infrared deep heat therapy is healthy

The infra-radiation ensures health and fitness. Infrared radiation is invisible to the human eye; it is a natural electromagnetic radiation, which heats the body directly, unlike a sauna with the air around us. The belief that red light is associated with infrared radiation is a delusion.

When using the infrared cabin, a number of positive physiological effects take place. It has been shown to strengthen the immune system and increase the analgesic production of the “pleasure hormone”. It also increases the core body temperature, speeds the blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, improves the blood circulation of the brain, skin and tissue, accelerates metabolism and is an effective detoxification.

The fat, slag and toxins are removed as a result of intense sweating. The regular use of infrared deep heat therapy can help in disease prevention. Our immune system works more efficiently, and thus kills the bacteria and accelerates the healing process. With the help of this therapy a self-regulating and self-healing process begins by a small increase in body temperature, not reaching 38C. Due to the heat the muscle fibers stretch, muscle stiffness ceases and muscle spasms are relaxed. Those who use it regularly report that it permanently diminishes rheumatic problems and reduce symptoms of allergies. Sweating cleans the pores in the skin and allows visible improvements in the skin, leaving it tight and healthy. In case of headaches and migraines it is also recommended to use the cabins often. The long-wave infrared C rays deeply penetrate the upper layer of the skin, 0.1-0.4mm deep, where the it stimulates the capillaries and lymphatic tissues, thus teaching the body how to self-heal by sweating from the inside out.